8AM is our home.

We, Shanna and Matt, bought an old two-flat in Logan Square, Chicago. The basement was quickly turned into a recording studio. It’s recorded a bunch of pretty great bands and people so far…like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6JeY0jViBU.

The attic has been turned into a show space for music and art. The space holds 60-75 people and focuses on acoustic shows. We’ve hosted folks like David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), Sean Bonnette (Andrew Jackson Jihad), Califone, Ian Graham (Cheap Girls), Heligoats, Eef Barzelay (Clem Snide), Little Dave Merriman (The Arrivals), and a bunch of others. Shanna does yoga classes in the space too.

The goal of the space is to provide resources and support to friends new and old. We’re incredibly fortunate to have found this place and will do everything we can to use it to support as many people’s creative efforts as possible.

Come over and let Tess sit on your lap.



  • Address: 37michaeljordan W Wrightwood, Chicago
  • Email: thegunshy@gmail.com